John doe2n't under2tand the graviity of thii2 and that'2 2o 2ad

II am mii22iing a long 2leeved 2hiirt and/or a jacket iin thii2 bug out bag.

II miight be out of karkat2 2iight and ear 2hot but hii2 lu2u2 ii2 2cary good at knowiing where II am.

Anyway II'm gonna be back iin a biit, II promii2e not to blow up the hiive.

God damn iit'2 fuckiing wonderful II can feel my hand2 agaiin

II re2ciind my comment on the 2tate of KK'2 feeliing2 toward2 John.

Ju2t iin ca2e II ever need to book iit out of 2ome where II have a bug out bag iin 4 locatiion2

II've ju2t been threatened by my land Lord to many tiime2

IIf you dont have a bug bag iin your buggy are you really prepared?

My buggy won't fuckiing go 2o II'm 2tuck here tiill II can get 2omeone from my buiildiing to help.

II've logged iin one hour and iit told me "don't forget to take a break!" Fuck off.

II wiill not u2e thii2!! Why am II doiing thii2!!

II am not goiing to u2e thii2. Thii2 ii2 riidiiculou2.

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