IIt'2 2o fuckiing 2cary liike "Ah Ye2 let me 2kuttle to my block liike a feral aniimal."

II2 there a biigger fear than realiiziing you don't have a towel when you get out of the 2hower?

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God. Don't have a miigraiine riight now plea2e for the love of god.

Ju2t 2neakiing around lookiing for the 2pare key.

Ok II thiink he'2. Out, or a2leep 2o iit'2 fiine.

Uuuuuughhhhh II hate that ba2tard iif he hadn't 2tarted the fiight II wouldn't be iin thii2 po2iitiion.

Waiit do II 2how up lookiing liike thii2. Or do ii hold out another day tiill 2welliing goe2 down.

Oh god... Riight. II need two get back two kk'2 hiive, god.

II'm gonna collap2e.... II'm exhau2ted where the fuck am II.

Hey guy2... II am CullBaiit and my ex land lord thiink2 iit wa2 another goldblood.

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