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another pokemon game idea (long but good) 

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pokemon game idea (LOOONG post but worth it!) 

hm. I have an idiot hedonist purpleblood fantroll who kins the mirthful messiahs and hates the caste system because nobody's motherfuckin happy man

reminder comp het is a 8astard and to kill it with your 8are hands!

ironic posting about what your fursona would be will be met with genuine encouragement to make it your real fursona. beware

wish I had a pensive emote that looked like me (blue with eyepatch) but I'd have to make an edit myself and like. I already have one emoji that's undyne centric :spear:

suicidal ideation?? cannibalism 

wish people would not interact me from their nsfw blogs

I have money of my own for the first time so ofc I'm spending like two week's wages ($66) on my halloween costume

I'm also spraypainting a spear blue and I'm gonna face paint myself blue wear red hair chalk and an eyepatch and then just. dress with my normal clothes because I already dress like the undyne date 24/7

im gonna be undyne for halloween im making scale gloves and one day if I earn money I'm gonna improve them with little metal scales instead of just glitter

simply love reading far too into works of fiction and fictional characters . there is NO greater catharsis

listen I promise you it's so much worse in context. I've spared you of so much

out of context, nsfw and BAD, bugs 

for science:
type of coffee: a "milky way" (coffee with chocolate, caramel, and half n half)
taste of coffee: kind of nutty? 3/5
mouthfeel of coffee: cold sandy mud 1/5
zoom factor: kind of alarming actually 4/5
overall: 3/5 probably not worth a whole dollar more/cup than my usual ice tea habit

me: "I'm gonna li5ten to that 5ong"
that 5ong: *give5 me kin feel5*
me: "I am Boo Boo the Fool"

i want someone to look at me and INSTANTLY know "that person is NOT heterosexual AT FUCKING ALL"

-kicks your door down and just stands there doing this pose-

me: I Am Just Doing My Homework
new punk song on spotify: you are going to think about kinnie things you are going to draw more undertale angst y

my roommate just shouted "dear god what are you doing" but I think they're asleep

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