*listens to megalo strike back remixes all night* _ )


the fact of the matter is that each of the duos of undertale represent chara and asriel somehow and I am the chara of my duo

@chara I mean look at you and asriel, and me and alphys. there's... connections there. motifs shaired between the two of us, and the two of you. that's true for every duo, actually (toriel and asgore, sans and papyrus, even napsta and metta) but... it does mean I find myself drawn to certain aspects of your story, and also to flowey, the asriel that modeled himself after you.
it's not... exactly a good thing. it isn't bad though. it's more... unsettling. there's a lot of anger packed into such a little kid.

@undyne i am the chara of the chara and asriel duo

@chara @bun @undyne ...does it? sometimes I think that if you put two Charas in the same room together, we'd end up burning the place down and shouting "YOU DID IT" at each other the entire way

@chara @chara @bun the world is reaching a limit of how much chocolate it can produce it should be careful about how many charas it has

@undyne @chara @bun I'm gonna try to make a concerted attempt to like carob instead. cos yeah, I actually legit feel like I shouldn't get too used to chocolate being around all the time

@chara @chara @bun I love carob I've only had like the pods of it but I love chewing on them tastey and stimmy

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