@chara@social.seattle.wa.us @princess_azzy he was happy there, I think
He never left monsters for too long though. he knew we cared too much about him, for better or for worse

@undyne@trollian.space @chara@social.seattle.wa.us that is so heartening to hear. sighs we weren't...that much of a mess, were we, Chara? we were trying.

just like humans are
still trying

I feel like...we need each other


@princess_azzy @chara@social.seattle.wa.us we absolutely did. humans and monsters... weren't as far apart as we thought we were. humans still told stories about us, we still loved the stories they told like our own. when we came to the surface we could finally share our culture like they shared theirs, and I think... I think it was good. to be equals, nobody cut off from half of history or living off the scraps of the other's table.
It was good.

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