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I will not be checking local often so @me if yoU want me to see something! Thank yoU! ^u^

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Just a heads Up I likely will not check local (so I may not see all the replies if i make a status), becaUse that is what stressed me oUt the first time. I will definitely check oUt the people I follow occasionally thoUgh, do not worry. ^u^

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homestuck 2 

I have read homestUck sqUared. I am excited. ^u^

anyways, i am here to log off again for a few months, loves. :U~ i might actUally log on semi regUlarly if i remember. getting overwhelmed by social interaction is hard, bUt i will find balance! i hope yoU all have a good day. <kisses!>

i am happy to see so many new and old faces here. i am so glad yoU are all here and being amazing. :U~

i am at my most powerfUl when i log on only every few months. this is the life of a breath player and a callie kin.

i believe i saw a bit of the comic somewhere on here? i will check it oUt soon. ^u^

i am well, thank yoU. life has been bUsy for me, bUt i remembered this website existed today and wanted to check in on yoU all. i hope yoU have been good to each other! ^u^ How are yoU?

Might not get back on, sorry. This instance can be a bit too mUch. Try to be kind to each other.

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i can shapeshift from a baby into an adult but only once

I can shapeshift into a sleeping Callie if I spend long enoUgh in bed.

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i like transmogrification or uhh specifically shape-changeing of the self

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my favorite magic is SPEARS!!!! NGAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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