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"I’m just trolling you, what? Gently I just take this and troll a little, softly. And you are 8ehaving like you don’t understand this. You understand, that I am just trolling you a little, that’s all? I’m not swearing, not calling you names, just trolling lightly. I didn’t know that you are so sensitive and will react like this is some kind of attack, like I’m aggressive and mean. I am not mean at all, I only trolled a little and stopped. Forgive me, of course, if it seemed to you that it was too strong, 8ut I honestly did not think that this would offend you. I only wanted to slightly troll you, and then stop. Then go do my own things, while you on the other side of the country sit trolled. "

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8eing non kin on this instance is what I imagine its like to 8e in a foreign country where you can't speak the language 8ut everyone is very friendly so you smile and nod and hope Komaeda doesn't ro8 you at knifepoint

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I am not a kin or RP account, and I announce this 8ecause of trollian rules.

I was a8out to just quit relationships at one point 8ut then...

the person im dating now fucking rules though so thats that on that

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I tended to attract people who treated me like therapists or were very possessive and controlling of my time and life!

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I dated this woman once named grace and she stalked me and purposely ruined 4 or 5 of my relatonships after I 8roke up with her

I've dated 14 people and I'm only on speaking terms with the person I'm currently dating and 3 of my exes!

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And the MLB fan vote award goes to

The baseball congressman shooter?!?!?!

Why would Meetra even go after Revan? Who gives a shit? Meetra should have sided with Kreia. Kreia was right. A8out everything.

coming here to say again Kreia was Right and FUCK Revan

might fuck around and 8ecome kin 8ut only kin sideshow 8o8

I wonder if Messi has ever dressed like 8ro Strider

I learn something new a8out Argentina every day

one of her parents is Dagestani and one is from Moscow or 8elarus.

My humanized vriska headcanon is Dagestani Russian

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