@dirk you can't handle the smoke I jsut 8rought

idk when it comes it out 8ut im not fucking reading it

team Not Reading the Homestuck Epilogue

i still dont know what the fuck kin even is man im just here 8ecause My Kingdom will Forge a Mighty Path Through the Stars and if you are not prepared to go on this Journey you will perish like thousands 8efore you and I shall lap up the last drips of your dying, tainted 8loodline


all dads hate life 8ut not all people who hate life are dads

whatI'm saying is that as I got older I finally 8ecome 8ored and apathetic enough with the life I live to enjoy pavement

I mean I hadn't even listened to Pavement 8ut all of the cool 8logs told me I should like pavement and high school in 2009-10 was a different time where you had to follow all the hip cool 8logs to know a8out things. So I was like "oh Pavement reunion show huh?" So I went a music fest and stood outside to see them and then left 3 songs in 8ecause they seemed like 8oring dad music 8ut then years alter I realized they actually rule

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i did not kin her... i did NOT... oh hi trollian.

I am not kin! I am not! also Pavement is the 8est indie rock 8and of the 90s

Do you actually want to know a8out that or am I just gonna copy paste my author 8io at you lmao

My pfp has 8een vriska for years and I am not kin do not 8elieve this propaganda

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