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lissen. lissen. messing up my pronouns is 8etter than not using them at all and just repeatedly saying my name instead.
like ill Notice 8ut you tried and i appreci8 it more than you know. spelling em wrong or mixing em up or whatever. just. Please Use The Only Pronouns I Have Ever Felt Comforta8le With Holy Shit

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(^β€’Ο‰β€’^) < also!! i should make it clear how to use my purronouns!!!
(=^Ο‰^=) < fei = she/he/they, fem = her/him/them, fir = hers/his/theirs, firself is o8vious i think.
(^β€’oβ€’^)γƒŽ< so like, "oh yeah, clove! i talk to fem a lot! fei really likes homestuck, and draws fir fantrolls a lot! fei talks a8out firself a little too much sometimes, 8ut fei's cool!"

prrrr gn all -y33ts self in 8ed at full force making several shitty quality explosion sound effects-

Broke: making fun of stims
Woke: sharing your stims!

stimming isnt cringey or annoying or a joke or a trend that doesnt deserve to 8e taken seriously spread the word

:33 < if you get mad at people for stimming i will have your kn33caps

im dummy tired so gn!! love mew all!!! have a good rest of day

β™ͺʘβ™ͺ dashing off openly to get away without even doing anything isnt truly absconding thx 4 coming 2 my ted talk

β™ͺʘβ™ͺ absconding is generally applied 2 like... sneakily dashing off w smth u stole or snitched like
β™ͺʘβ™ͺ "oh they absconded with my wallet"
β™ͺʘβ™ͺ it can b applied 2 other crimes i suppose but its usually theft (ofc it doesnt have 2 b a real theft just like "stealing" isnt always applied 2 real theft)
β™ͺʘβ™ͺ however it can also b used in some cases 4 bail jumping n jailbreaks i GUESS

:33 < idk what im saying most of the time

real shit i have literally never heard the word 'a8scond' prior to homestuck and even reading homestuck it still didnt make any sense as a word

β™ͺʘβ™ͺ i just want 2 clearly establish that homestuck doesnt actually use the word abscond right
β™ͺʘβ™ͺ u can just call every escape "absconding" but its not like, correct usage

me; hmmm i wanna use this word 8ut im not sure if im using it right. google give me definition
google; definition
me; ok
me; 8ut am i SURE. is that ACTUALLY how it's used or is it just an outd8ed definition for a word when people using it mean different things. are you s
me @ my friends; hey what the fuck does this word mean? d

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