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this is my cat pepita i talk a8t her a lot shes a8t 6 years old is very sw33t actively enjoys 8eing held like a 8a8y and sometimes when she tries to drink sink water she dips her entire head into it so i have to drink water from the sink first to show her how to do it you WILL love her

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how 2 use my pronouns 

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lissen. lissen. messing up my pronouns is 8etter than not using them at all and just repeatedly saying my name instead.
like ill Notice 8ut you tried and i appreci8 it more than you know. spelling em wrong or mixing em up or whatever. just. Please Use The Only Pronouns I Have Ever Felt Comforta8le With Holy Shit

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May cassgender people find success in their lives.

:33 < @vriskaleijon "he/him and if you percieve me as a man i will remove your spinal column bit by bit"

real shit i would a8solutely use he/him cuz they sound good if it wasnt for the fact anythign slightly tangentially remotely masc or anyone s33ing me as masc makes me VIOLENTLY dysphoric

my nickname in my personal server is just 𝓐𝓻𝓸 𝓡𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽𝓼! (if its all showing up as squares it says Aro Rights! in a fancy font)

sun sign; ur username
moon sign; what ur nickname is in friend server
rising sign; um

i really love when ppl post scs of discord servers with their friends and dont censor the nicknames like damn you really are just exposing ur truest selves right then and there huh


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