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hi im clove this is my 8est Art thread ive 833n drawing since 2014 i use ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY ms paint FUCK every other program
though if i a8solutely n33d fun 8rushes/layers/what have you then i use medi8ang or sometimes drawpile

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this is my cat pepita i talk a8t her a lot shes a8t 6 years old is very sw33t actively enjoys 8eing held like a 8a8y and sometimes when she tries to drink sink water she dips her entire head into it so i have to drink water from the sink first to show her how to do it you WILL love her

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how 2 use my pronouns 

w8 ALSO my fantroll rp acc wont 8e used anymore 8ut i would still like to preserve it so Xd
again im p sure mods dont delete accs unless the person themselves asked to/did smth gross 8ut i am just making sure!

@vriskaleijon no one will misgender you when u are gone otherwise i think i might actually fucking get them

gonna edit some things in my 8io and i'll 8e off! g8ye!

important, long 

(^•ω•^) < h8ers will NOT s33 u. they r walking the other way

*l∞ks at something and my eyes z∞m outward like a camera lense*

-looks at something and loses focus like a camera-

(^•x•^) < i wanna 8e a girl 8ut not at fucking *ALL* in the way cis people have cre8ed the notion of 'girl' and uphold it.

image of my friend reading homestuck and playing guitar at the same time

(^•ω•^) < the only dysphoria i get is KIN DYSPHORIA 8A8Y /pretend this post is a joke

dysphoria or like. lack thereof 

dysphoria ish 

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