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(^-ω-^) < cunk... Remorse
(=TωT=) < cunk.... Reconcil8ion

JADE: i think your outfit looks so cute!

cuss word 

(^•o•^)ノ < PRO-TIP
(=^•o•^) 📣 < CUNT

pasted a 15k word fic into the text box to try and test the character limit. had 33492 characters left over. who could possibly need this

:33< i love putting on like 6 separete layers of thick clothing and parading around my house like a baron of particular wealth

:33< theres a candle scent i have that my mother describes as "melting plastic" that i lovingly nickname 'my little vat of pine tar'. it smells

Someone just started playing hollow knight in the world.

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