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how 2 use my pronouns 

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lissen. lissen. messing up my pronouns is 8etter than not using them at all and just repeatedly saying my name instead.
like ill Notice 8ut you tried and i appreci8 it more than you know. spelling em wrong or mixing em up or whatever. just. Please Use The Only Pronouns I Have Ever Felt Comforta8le With Holy Shit

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People whose orientations change over time are 👍👍👍!

head8utts someone at full force as a display of affection

cgl ment 

excuse me did i get the wrong number that can't be right. 513 messages a day is NOT right i do not believe this number

still a lot, but only 1/4th of me and clove's goddamn

i think this is a result of me and clove being very close friends with also both never going outside ever

i wonder if you could do the math on how many messages per day that is

NOVA IS FUCKING WACK i posted a scr33nshot of my discord to like, show off my pfp, and censored out Two of the num8ers in my tag and they added me and went 'well i could s33 the top of this num8er and the side of this num8er from you not completely covering it-' and i. w. W H A T

i joke when i say detective work but nova literally actually did that to add clove

wait oops leaked clove's id. i didn't leak the first part of the username though so detective work will still be necessary

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