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yo tbt that time when i was like 17 and got banned from a group PARP chat for bein too IC like lmaooooo my ego never got over that fam

ppl will like come @ me in my inbox and then get mad when i do anything other than sit and take it like a chump. like u came @ ME fam. u ASKED 4 this!!!! no im not gonna be """"nice about it"""" get a fucking clue lol

i dont get how non scorpios can like. swallow their pride 4 things. like i just dont wanna do it!! even tho its probs not that deep but yall know i gotta blow shit way out of proportion otherwise lifes not as fun lmao

anyways catch me failing this midterm 2morrow cos i aint know a signle goddamn thing โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

i love how my mom finds out a Secret and like immediately calls me cos neither of us are capable of keeping secrets and both of us love 2 know exclusive info . moral of the story is dont tell me shit unless ur cool w my mom also knowing lmao

my normie gay friend keeps me from going litchrally batshit insane but he really didnt know who ariana grande was so like . he does now cos i told him but like what the fuck

went 2 the gym twice 2day so like i feel like honorary bro status is too much, im graduating myself 2 legally certified bro TM . this is just chad dyke culture u kno ?? lesbro if u will

one day when i have like yknow money im gonna hire a personal trainer 2 teach me how 2 fight professionally so i can wear my cute ponytail at night and not worry that some freak psychopath is gonna kidnap me

i wonder how disney feels knowing theyll never animate anything better than spiderverse

accidentally slept thru my only class of the day but still went 2 the gym which is like . the most fratboy thing ive ever done in my life . but like honorary fratbro status is just chad lesbian culture so i can get away w it

turns my phd-level vriska serket research dissertation into a 250 ep podcast

uhhhh the new ugly tumblr kicks ass, its bright neon and hideous and i unironically love it . finally staff is speakin my language w the design and everyone just hates it cos they cant appreciate color

i refuse 2 be partially lactose intolerant bcos the day i give up chocolate milk is the day i drop dead . imma drink it even if it litch rally kills me

skills: making a 2h15m drive in 1:45 ๐Ÿ˜›

yall i fuckin hate dreams like we should b able 2 sleep in peace man . god

i know aquaman is not gonna even touch into the spiderverse across the board but like tbh. im not paying money 4 this cos i want a good story lmao

i cant remember the last time i washed my hair but she doesnt look greasy and thats all that matters ๐Ÿ˜Š

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i love other scorpios but youre all so annoying. god bless.

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