good imm glad you wwill desserrve it erri you arre a genniuss

one day i’ll have a testimonial page and silvan calling me a genius will be right up there B3c

solution: aesthetic filters on ur kin. solves the pink dilemma @lesbianroxy

silvan u gotta go good and underappreciated colour

that’s it tho!! im done bringing it up myself. v slow typer bc im eating dinner here.

oh def ppl from skaia have been logging on just to be dicks here, but like. i wanna make it clear skaia as a whole is not egging it on and a lot of us are just as tired of it as you guys.

‘skaia trying to start drama’ as if it’s all of the instance colluding, instead of a couple of people determined to get themselves banned instead of deleting their accounts whereas the rest of skaia is like. doing their own thing

what marcie said was that, as someone raised by christians who abused her, she took umbrage with people conflating christians/christo-atheists together all as oppressors regardless of their feelings about being born into their faith. this was in response to a jewish person venting about the treatments of jewish ppl at the hands of christians.

if you're not jewish, you don't get to say what does and doesn't look antisemitic to you.

yes, but is your point of view a jewish point of view, val?

i'm like. extremely tired of what's going on. but val, are you jewish? because... i think telling dune and every other jewish person that spoke up you know better about what's antisemitic and what isn't is kind of. wao.

voting for mod silver, mod amy should have considered his feelings more

mod me for the himbo representation trollian needs

at least the giant isopod corner has doritos

the octopus and the cuttlefish had an argument and we’re taking sides

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