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im nearly 21 and hes like 15-16. so i just started crying

i said "ok boomer" to my friend and then realized that he's exceptionally younger than me and i had an existential crisis

hey i wanted to let yall know but especially @residentlesbian bc of a thing they reblogged, that i admin a server on discord where Naia "on all levels except physical i am a wolf" Okami joined and was responsible for helping train her as a new mod for the server so thats a thing

gonna die from bleach inhalation probably nice knoingyou

So anyway my Twitter was suspended and will not be restored because of violent and/or threatening content. So my new twitter is wilderstrider1 follow me.

if donald trump gets to have mental breakdowns on twitter then So Do I

Twitter is fucking oppressing me. Do they oppress WTNV like this? Wack.

i just submitted an appeal and said "i literally have no idea why my account is suspended"

donate to my taco bell fund donate to my taco bell fund donate to my taco bell fund d-

The Ministry of Limbs has access to that information, however, if you make a donation to the Organ Collection Agency (which, unlike becoming an "organ donor", is painless and does not require previous death), we may be able to provide you with one digit per donation.

Tired of existence? Well, we have a solution for that. Give the Ministry of Limbs a call.

Ah. My existence has expired. The next Joint Collector will never remember you, nor will your records ever be kept on file. To the outside world, you no longer exist. However, feel free to contact the Ministry of Limbs about your denial of wrists. Please make sure you have the proper forms signed and remember that according to Subsection A of-

I'm the official Joint Collector from the Ministry of Limbs after rectifying the denial of my wrists.

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