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oh important announcement guys. ive realized im not trans. just kind of a really masculine/butch cis girl. so ya'll can still call me dave, but use she/her pronouns

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thanks jack, that wasnt interesting at all and now im disappointed

my cousin murdered her (already born) infant son because she didnt want the responsibility and has the nerve to post shit like "oh you would've been 27 today im so upset i miss you so much" bitch youre a psychopath

im just sick of being alive honestly so like whatever

also of course youre gonna get billed if you dont pay for the binder how else are they gonna make money

My Mom Laughs Because I Switched My Walker To Turbo As She Picks Up A Dead Mouse ASMR

@wilderstrider scoundrel is pretty much the funniest thing you couldve called him

This guy comments on my Instagram pictures calling me beautiful and tries to DM me


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