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Trollian.Space has the same rules as Berries.Space. These have been modified with specific issues for our instance, and can be updated at any time.

The Form To Request Content Warnings Is Here: The Form

List Of Current Must-CWs:

  1. Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating.
  2. Pictures of Food
  3. Disturbing Imagery
  4. IRL Death
  5. Politics
  6. News
  7. Blood, Gore
  8. Hypnosis
  9. Mind Control
  10. Cult Mentions/RPing
  11. Anything Possibly Epilepsy Triggering: Fast Moving Images, Intense Flashing Lights, Eyestrain/Deep Fried Memes
  12. Implications of Daddy/Mommy Kinks
  13. Ponytown And Ponytown Screenshots
  14. Trickster/Multicolored Text
    1. Here is our list of rules for trollian.space, by joining you show that you understand these rules and know the consequences for breaking them. Our rules are lengthy but this is to keep trollian as a space that is safe for our users.

      1. We need your OOC age in your Bio, seeing as this is a mixed age server. If you would like to use sweeps that is fine, but we would also like it if you had your age in human years as well, for those people who can't convert the numbers.
        • Violation response: A warning, followed by a ban
      2. This instance is both a roleplay and otherkin friendly instance, and so we would like to make sure that it's easier on both groups. To avoid confusion, please make sure to specify in your bio if you're kin, or an rp account, or both or neither
        • Violation response: A warning, followed by a ban.
      3. Do not join if you are under 13 years of age. Trollian does not have the ability to ensure adherence to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.
        • Violation response: Immediate and permanent ban.
      4. No posting or endorsing pedophilic content or anything endorsing known pedophiles, including images, art, and written content of both real and fictional people. Child pornography depicting any real life or fictional minor, as well as any depiction of a romantic relationship between an adult and a character who is under the age of 18 in the source material, whether or not it is explicitly sexual, is considered pedophilic content. “Aging up” of underaged characters does not exempt you from this rule. In addition, sexual content of a character who retains a childlike appearance and mannerisms despite being ‘an adult’ in their source material is also treated as pedophilia for the purposes of this rule.
        • If you are making sexual jokes, they must be CW'd. Users under the age of 18 may not post nude or suggestive images of themselves or other minors, or post or boost pornographic images of any kind.
        • Suggestive art of minors also falls under this rule. Depending on the severity, it may be cause for a warning and temporary suspension, or a permanent ban.
        • In addition, users under 18 may not make posts of an extreme sexual nature (i.e. making extremely sexual jokes or soliciting sex from other users), even under a content warning on or off the public timeline. Users over 18 may make posts of an extreme sexual nature, however it must be followers only and CW'd. Minors are free to discuss sexual education and topics relating to LGBT identities (ex: transition) and make mildly sexual jokes with proper content warnings. However, discussion of the sex life or kinks of any minor, including the original poster, are prohibited. If you are over 18, and will be posting a lot of NSFW content, you can contact any Admin in order to get an invite to the 18+ instance.
          • Violation response: Posting or boosting this content will be two warnings, followed by a ban.
      5. No material of any type, fictional or real life, that glorifies or supports incestuous relationships. This includes but is not limited to depictions of romantic and/or sexual relationships between siblings, parents and children, cousins, or other relatives, whether or not they are related by blood. Depictions of fictional characters in alternate universes where they are not related are still a violation of this rule.
        • Violation response: Posting or boosting this content is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban.
      6. We do not tolerate discrimination or bigotry of any kind against marginalized groups, including racism, sexism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and ableism. This includes the endorsement of users or public figures who promote discrimination or bigotry.
        • Racist content includes blackface, yellowface, etc., whitewashed art or graphics, mocking the accents of people of color, Confederate flag imagery, or any white supremacist flagging.
        • Anti-semitic content includes Hitler jokes, images of swastikas or other Nazi imagery, or any Nazi flagging such as the use of 14/88 or phrases emulating the 14 words. Islamophobic content includes suicide bombing jokes, racist parodies of Muslims, claims that Islam is sexist/violent, or defamatory generalizations regarding Islam.
        • We will automatically permaban users who are found to be affiliated with specific groups that discriminate against LGBT individuals, such as “radical feminists”/”gender critical”, “transmedicalists”, and “truscum”. This instance welcomes trans and nonbinary individuals and will not tolerate users who will create an unsafe environment for them.
        • Harassing, mocking or vaguing any user or group of users for their gender identity or pronoun choice is unequivocally transphobia and will result in a permanent ban. Repeated and/or intentional misgendering of any user or other trans person also falls under our rules for transphobia.
        • Other specific unacceptable forms of bigotry include jokes poking fun at specific marginalized groups and content disrespecting or mocking groups such as HIV positive people, sex workers, addicts, or survivors of any type of abuse.
          We do not ban the use of slurs. Users are free to reclaim slurs for themselves, in conversation with others who are comfortable, or in their username, display name or bio.. Please keep in mind that other users may have varying levels of comfort with certain slurs and use content warnings at your discretion. However, slurs directed at another user without their permission or in a violent or harassing manner, or the use of slurs which you cannot reclaim, are not acceptable and will result in action against your account depending on the context and severity of the situation.
            Violation response: Posting or boosting dangerously and obviously bigoted content, harassing or vaguing other users based on their membership in any of the above marginalized groups, or endorsing groups we have banned is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban. Other violations will be dealt with according to the severity of the situation and may result in anything from a warning up to an account strike.
      7. No unwelcome harassment, including stalking, unwelcome and repeated interaction, bullying or harassing posts or messages, or block evasion. This especially applies to harassment of a sexual nature. False and needless reports also fall under harassment and are grounds for action to be taken against your own account. If excessive enough, it will be met with a ban.
        • Malicious vagues, certain forms of trolling, and posts intended to incite arguments or provoke certain users or groups are also considered harassment. It’s fine to have political discussions, but if an argument gets too heated, please restrict posts to your own followers or take it to a DM.
          • Violation response: Deletion of the offending post and account strike in most cases, depending on the severity. Immediate Ban on second strike.
      8. Content of these types must be warned for: nudity, pornography, violence, gore, discussion of pedophilia/incest/rape/other forms of abuse, and discussion of self harm/suicide. Nonsexual nudity including images of bare chests falls under this rule. Posts containing this content are allowed, but they must be under a content warning and any images marked as sensitive.
        • NSFW images, videos, and sound files as mentioned above are allowed on Trollian: however, they must be posted on an account that restricts followers in order to keep users under 18 from interacting with said content. In addition, they must hidden from public timelines. Minors must not post NSFW images, videos and sound files.
        • While we allow pornographic content with these restrictions as well as the above rules, we do not permit bestiality or content romanticizing rape or sexual abuse, including “noncon” and “dubcon” content. Bestiality includes any depiction of sexual acts on or by a real or realistically drawn animal, or sexual content between realistic furry characters and humans.
          • We also do not permit content depicting graphic violence, torture or gore of minors, or content romanticizing real life violence.
            • Violation response: Deletion of offending post and account strike or warning depending on severity, if severe enough, user may be suspended without warning.
              • Clarification: Users are welcome to discuss their own experiences as survivors of abuse, and posts of this nature that are mistakenly untagged will be dealt with more leniently.
      9. Creative content you post should be your own original property or credited to the appropriate person and posted with permission. Do not repost art or other original creative content from other trollian.space users or from external sites without permission. Do not claim credit for any intellectual property which you did not originally create or post images altered to remove watermarks or signatures.
        • Violation response: Deletion of the offending post and account strike.
      10. No spam of malicious nature, including spam links or posts and the creation of spambot accounts or large numbers of accounts. While saving a couple of usernames to switch around later on is acceptable, you may not own more than 2 inactive accounts without regular human activity..
        • Violation response: Deletion of the offending post and account strike. Spam bot accounts will be terminated. Accounts that remain inactive for over 3 months will be suspended and their urls released. Accounts with an unconfirmed email for over two weeks will also be suspended and their urls released. Creation of extreme numbers of accounts will be cause for suspension of the user’s primary active accounts.
        No links to third-party sites of any nature that violate these conditions.
        • Violation response: Posting or boosting this content is grounds for an immediate and permanent ban.
      11. Your avatar and header may not contain content of any banned or restricted category, including any category prohibited in the above rules and any category listed under rule 6.
        • Violation response: Varies depending on the content of the avatar/header.
      12. Trollian is listed as an English-majority instance, but mods have the ability to regulate in certain other languages.